You may find here the answer to the most common questions of our customers.

HOTELCUBE is an integrated suite for the hospitality industry.

No, it isn’t. HOTELCUBE is the full version.

You can see HOTELCUBE throught “DEMO ON LINE”. You have just to book an appointment with the Sales Area.

HOTELCUBE Smart can be downloaded directly from the web site and installed on the PC. For the orher version you have to contact a free number 840.000.261.

Reliability, thoroughness of the functiones, support post sale and simplicity for the use are the peculiarity most appreciated from more than 500 customers and more than 41000 rooms.

Yes. All version of HOTELCUBE are compatible with Windows XP SP3 or higher.

Yes. HOTELCUBE works perfectly on a 64 bit OS.

No. HOTELCUBE can be installed only on a PC with Microsoft Windows.

If your Apple system has a Windows emulator, HOTELCUBE, can be used. We advice to check the performances.

For HOTELCUBE and HOTELCUBE Smart are required 2 GB of Ram and 1 GB of storage.

For the bills you can use a laser printer, inkjet printer and pin-printer.. For the other prints you cannot use the pin-printer.

HOTELCUBE use Microsoft SQL Server.

HOTELCUBE Smart can be connect to whichever telephone exchange and in this case it is possibile to charge the phone call on the bill room. HOTELCUBE can bo connect to the majoriy of the Pay TV, telephone exchanges, badge and more on.

No it isn’t. In additional we have Moduls like Sales and catering system, central reservation system, revenue management system, CRM, workflow and more.

Yes. HOTELCUBE can be connected to the main account systems.

Yes, there is HOTELCUBE Educational, a version with special prices.

No, it isn’t. The HOTELCUBE modules are connected to Microsoft Office.
PMS HOTELCUBE gestionale alberghiero cloud
HOTELCUBE is the versatile, tailor-made hotel management software designed to adapt to any type of accommodation.