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the PMS just as you want it

HOTELCUBE is the modular management software that offers you integrable and dynamic solutions.

HOTELCUBE is more of than a management software.

It is trusted, smart and it has been developed to fit any device and it refreshes in real time.

The listening to the users experience allows us to develop a customized interface, so as to reduce the learning time.

HOTELCUBE guarantees the highest Cloud security standards through to the Microsoft Azure PaaS platform.

HOTELCUBE is the independent Italian solution that allows you to turn problems into business opportunities, for example:

  • Maximization of revenues through the room reservation and cancellation trend
  • Save the time with the automated process, such as sending automatic mails (pre-stey, post-stay, birthday etc..) or changing the room rate based on occupancy
  • Legal obligations (Cash registrer, E-Invoice, e-sending housed, Tourist tax..)
  • Statistics, budget and Power BI reports
  • Allotment, Rooming List, Groups
  • Checking and aggregations data
  • Communications between departements and colleagues and notification service, by mobile too
  • A single database manages all departments’s Multi Property
  • Housekeeping and manutentor can be manage through device mobile app

We have an help desk telephone service 24 hours a day

We offer you video tutorial and telephone support facilities.


We listen to the customer’s needs and customize the management software to suit your needs.

We are a passionate team

We are carefully developing the management software solution, for over twenty years.