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Choose a modular management system for your hotel. HOTELCUBE offers an all-in-one-suite composed of modules designed to optimize the work of each department.


Guest data management, before and after their stay

You can offer your guests an innovative welcome with the digital concierge facilities: web check-in and web check-out, designed to simplify the front office operations.

You can offer your guest the possibility to easy waiting times through an innovative system: when guest arrives to your hotel, his check-in is already complete, so he goes directly in the room, moreover he will have the opportunity to independently pay the bill at the end of his stay.


The effective solution for point of sales (bars, restaurants)

The order maagement through app: get the orders through mobile device providing a complete and accurate service.

You can complete the order to the table and if you charge it in the room you can ask the guest to sign by the tablet.

The HOTECLUBE Monetica’s module (to manage electronic money) allows you to eliminate cash payments: you can use RF/ID cards and bracelets, to manage a plafond and apply discounts.


The quantity, costs and consumptions checking

This module provides a complete control on the stock, determing the consumption of each department, both in quantity and value.

It allows a complete management about the supplier orders, the demand goods, loading and unloading products and forecast of the needs, too through tablet.

This module includes the possibility to record the suppliers invoices and the deadline view.


The wellness management of your hotel

The HOTELCUBE SPA module integrates the spa facilities through a daily and weekly tableau of data and departments of the hotel. It manages the SPA staff, rooms, booking and billed.

You can customize your facilities using gift cards, vouchers, discounts and promotions on treatments and subscriptions.

Meeting and MICE conference

The meeting rooms management

The monthly calendar offers an overview all over the meeting and restaurant areas necessary to computerized manage events, so optimizing costs and times.

The event status (offer, tentative, option, negative, definite) can be customized and identified with a colour allowing operators to respond promptly to requests.

The MICE module is also in continuous communication with the F&B module in order to organize the menus.


The strategy analysis data

HOTELCUBE’S Business Intelligence allows you to choose business strategies using complete and updated data coming directly management hotel software.

The aim is to improve operational results and to help the managers and help them to increase their knowledge and business performance through statistic data.

The Business Intelligence is the tool to evaluate data in a simple, intuitive and practical mode.

Perfomance audit process

Resource strategy controll

It detects the deviations of the management results compared to the previous year and budget and it analyses monthly the profitability of individual cost centers like (rooms, restaurant, bar).

The general accounting interface allows to acquire in automatic way the user, staff and management costs, allowing an analysis real time revenues and costs.

Residence Management

HOTELCUBE streamlines sales and payment management with daily, weekly and monthly rates.

It is also possible to manage utilities.

Beds Management

HOTELCUBE’s Beds Management module is the key tool for facilities that need to book every single room either by individual bed with gender indication or entirely.

Day Use Module

The management of hourly reservations, thanks to the day use module, is simple and straightforward with the use of graphic tableau even for themed rooms. Rates with prices and promotions by time slots and days of the week speed up check-in and check-out.