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your needs, our solutions

No customers are the same, as well as their needs. We develop customization that to adapt to different businesses and team needs. Not vice-versa.

The Multi Property cloud solution with central database.

HOTELCUBE is the management software suitable for hotel groups wich have guest and supplier’s aggregate data. HOTELCUBE manages room availibility and it makes quotations and reservations from only tableau.

Villages and Resorts: to manage the most difficul realities.

HOTELCUBE is the cloud management software for villages and resorts that fully meets the needs of a variety of complex realities. Villages and resorts have a lot of facilities and they need to manage rooms, sun umbrellas, electronic pay, web app, warehouse stock and consumption of goods.

The web management software to check indipendent hotels.

Each hotel has different need so they have to use a flexible software. We maintain a trustful relationship to our customers and guarantee them a direct and immediate telephone support, without tickets. HOTELCUBE is a management software to being use with every device.

From beds availibility to room rates: It all with HOTELCUBE.

HOTELCUBE is a complete management solution for hostells, University residence or campus. It allows you to book a room or a single bed, checking the occupational trend.

HOTELCUBE to manage camps, glamping, bungalows, cottages and all new hybrid hospitality offerings.

HOTELCUBE is easy and complete to use even by your seasonal staff, designed to simplify coordination and organization activities. HOTELCUBE analyzes statistical data and guides your business at every stage: it provides data about on the book revenue, employment, consumption and sales reports.

You can manage the employment trend with hourly reservation.

The best solution to manage hourly reservation and time slot prices. This module manages themed rooms with hourly planning, and it meets the needs of your guest.