HOTELCUBE the ideal solution for your hotel

HOTELCUBE is the management hotel software custom-made, designed to adapt to any type of property.
il gestionale alberghiero per la tua struttura
Soluzione per hotel indipendenti HOTELCUBE gestionale alberghiero cloud

Individual Hotel

The complete, simple, modular and perfectly integrated tool with all over departments of independent hotels.

Choose the management software suitable your hotel’s needs.


Hotel Clusters

Manage process centrally, like availability, reservations, offers and guests by HOTELCUBE MULTI PROPERTY module. It is the only software for the unified management and control of hotel groups.

Choose your management software that grows with your hotels.



Remove the use of cash money within resorts, tourist villages and campings. Choose the management software that allows you the control about central storage, availability management and special prices from a single dashboard.

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The ideal solution for properties that manage reservations and time slot prices. This module manages themed rooms with hourly planning, and it meets the needs of your guest.


Residence and Hostels

Do you have to allocate single or multiple beds in shared room? Do you need to manage the utilities?

HOTELCUBE is the quick and easy answer to adjust bed availability and manage electricity and gas utilities per booking.


Boutique Hotel

If you have a luxury hotel or seasonal hotel or agritourism and bed &breakfast, you can choose the easy and complete management software all over the daily hospitality operations.

HOTELCUBE is the solution to all you need.



Are you looking for an innovation, modular and customizable management software focused on your business needs?

HOTELCUBE can be developed and adapted according to your business needs or types.

Choose a custom- made solution, choose your best solution.

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