HOTELCUBE is a fully integrated product

PMS per hotel integrato con i migliori software

Booking Engine and Channel Manager

By integrating two-way interface with the best channel manager you can update all your data and records and in real time on all sites: when a booking is made, including credit card details (HOTELCUBE is PCI-DSS Compliance), when a booking is modified or cancelled, when you close a room to sale, or when you want to make bulk changes to your inventory.

The Booking Engine and Channel Manager integrated with two-way interfaces are:
  • Sabre SynXis
  • TravelClick
  • D-EDGE (ex Availpro & Fastbooking)
  • Blastness
  • Ermes
  • MyGuestCare
  • Booking Designer
  • Vertical Booking
  • Booking Expert
  • IperBooking
  • Simple Booking
  • RoomCloud
  • Hoteldoor
  • Mr PRENO by Titanka
  • ReGuest by Zeppelin (in sviluppo)
  • Parity Rate
  • MM-One
  • WuBook
  • Bookassist (tramite CM)
  • SiteMinder
  • BeMyGuest by Visioni
  • T-Info
  • TUI

Accounting Software

The HOTELCUBE accounting system produces tax documents, deposit, advances and payments issued by each hotel areas (bar, restaurant, reception and spa). It also feeds the analytical accounting with data of Production, Employment, stocks and warehouse consumption. This software manages principal business processes of the company, like active cycle, passive cycle, handling of products etc.. 

PMS per hotel integrato con i migliori Booking Engine e Channel Manager
  • SAP
  • Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (ex Navision)
  • Microsoft Dynamics C5
  • Sistemi – eSolver
  • Sistemi – Spring SQL
  • Sistemi – Profis
  • Zucchetti – Ad Hoc Revolution
  • Zucchetti – LEMCO
  • Zucchetti – Gestionale 1
  • TeamSystem – Gamma
  • Delta Phi – Sigla Ultimate
  • Pragma
  • Vision
  • OSRA
  • Dylog
  • Passepartout
  • Sysdat
  • XSAI
  • Wolters Kluwer – Arca
  • Wolters Kluwer – B.Point
  • ACG
  • Prassi
  • Buffetti eBridge
Business Intelligence:
  • IBM Cognos
  • Sysdat
PMS per hotel integrato con i migliori software di contabilità

RMS - Revenue Management System

By integrating interfaces with RMS, you can increase profits, growing sales and develop pricing strategy leading to increase the profits of your property.

  • IDeaS by Sas
  • Blastness Fox
  • Sicaniasc – MyForecast
  • Franco Grasso – Revolution Plus
  • GT Revenue
  • HQ Revenue
  • Lybra
  • SimplyRev
  • Smartpricing
  • BookingSuite (
  • RateBoard

Web reputation

HOTELCUBE is integrated with a lot of brand online reputation software, sharing data and syncing sources. 

We integrate online reputation management tools in the PMS to increase number of reviews and automatize the feedback guests requested. 

PMS per hotel integrato con i migliori software di Web Reputation
  • ReviewPro
  • Qualitando
  • Customer Alliance
  • AboutMyHotel
PMS per hotel integrato con i migliori software di Web Reputation


Data sharing in between the most operational departments of the hotel with the most important housekeeping software integrations for cleaning and room management. 

The housekeeper changes the room status (clean/dirty) by an electronic code, alerting updating in real time the reception on the progress of cleaning

  • Hoxell
  • Hoida
  • RoomChecking

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The integrations between domotic systems and HOTELCUBE’S PMS plan to do control of the room, for example (temperature, electricity), a few hours before the expected arrival, display of the welcome message and the bill on the television of the room. 

The domotic is essential for the hotels to check if the guest still in the room and to track any entry to public areas. 

PMS per hotel integrato con i migliori software di Housekeeping
  • BTicino
  • Microdevice
  • STS
  • VDA
  • GLT
  • CisaWcs – Vimar Suite
  • Siemens Desigo
  • Salto Systems (in sviluppo)
  • ABB Mini Mac
  • Videovox V2.X
  • Chiavi Yale – Tesa
  • Gse
  • Pegasus-Airvent
  • eWelcome24 by Aitech Italia
  • I.T.C.
  • Vingcard Vision
  • Eguest
  • Chiavi .Net
  • Domina Hotel (AVE)
  • HCS
  • HOAU
PMS per hotel integrato con i migliori software di Building automation

Pay per View and Wi-Fi

With our hotel management software, it is possible to manage, check and charge pay movies and other facilities directly from the TV to the Guest bill’s

Different WI-FI system,  perfectly integrated with HOTELCUBE, allow guests to login to WIFI by including their name and room number. 

  • Quadriga
  • Vda
  • Guestlink
  • Videovox
  • Prodac
  • Quadriga Genesis
  • Otrum
  • Sky
  • Fracarro
  • Quadriga QConnect
  • Locatel
  • Locatel Internet
  • Irnet
  • TigerTMS
  • WI-FI Hotel
  • Guglielmo wi-fi
  • WiFISocial
  • 4ipnet wi-fi
  • Hoist wi-fi

Telephone exchange system

By integrating Telephone exchange system with HOTELCUBE you can have a complete check of outgoing calls both from each room and from departments, enable or disable the telephone through check in or out operations and also you can directly charge telephone call on the room.

Set your single or multiple rooms alarm using HOTELCUBE hotel management software. 

PMS per hotel integrato con i migliori software di Pay Tv e Wi-Fi
  • Mitel Sx2000
  • Lucent Definity
  • Selta Sae
  • Philips Sopho
  • Alcatel 4400
  • Ericsson Asb150 In
  • Ericsson Asb150 Out
  • Opus Dial 128
  • Asteriks
  • Panasonic
  • Promelit
  • Samsung
  • Matra
  • Siemens Ahs In
  • Siemens Ahs Out
  • Avaya
  • TigerTMS
  • Siemens Caracas
  • Promelit-Coral
  • Nec Univerge Sv
  • Siemens-Telmekom
  • Alcatel-Amc Phonelink
  • Mitel Ip
  • Protocollo FIAS
  • 3CX
  • Yeastar
PMS per hotel integrato con i migliori software di Centralini

More integrations

The HOTELCUBE hotel management software is integrated with a lot of solutions and devices, such us: passport scan device, payments POS, digital signature devices, QR CODE reader, and totem to make by oneself check in or out. 

Master data’s database can be managed through Excel import and it can automatically update the e- mail lists with Mail Chimp and Mail Up integrations. 

  • Misuratori Fiscali Ditron
  • Misuratori Fiscali Epson
  • Monetica Prisma
  • ADS-Doc (AD System)
  • Passport Scan (lettore documenti)
  • IDR (lettore documenti)
  • TYSSO BCP-8000
  • Orderman Sol
  • Tastiere Cherry (carte di credito)
  • Wacom (firma digitale)
  • Honeywell 3580 QuantumT
  • Bartech Frigoriferi
  • Voice Mail Opawin
  • Orderman CashDro
  • Casse Glory
  • Planet (ex 3C Payment)
  • Oaky
  • Bowo
  • Tourist Tax
  • PinPad NCR (soluzione POS)
  • WeApp
  • Salesforce
  • Scrollidea
  • H-benchmark
  • Mailchimp
  • MailUp
  • Your Reservation
  • You Are Welcome
We develop new integrations to meet specific guest and market demands.

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