HOTELCUBE is the modular PMS

Business Intelligence HOTELCUBE gestionale alberghiero
B.I. and U.S.A.L.I.
f&b HOTELCUBE gestionale alberghiero
F&B and Monetica
Economato HOTELCUBE gestionale alberghiero
spa HOTELCUBE gestionale alberghiero
CRM HOTELCUBE gestionale alberghiero
MICE HOTELCUBE gestionale alberghiero
Software gestionale per hotel e strutture ricettive HOTELCUBE PMS

Multi Property

A single tool for multi-property, chain or hotel clusters management
HOTELCUBE Multi Property management software allows you to manage room availability, meeting rooms and rates of all your hotels in a centralized way from a single screen.

Quotes and reservations share a single database. Cost and budget management is available for hotels and aggregate structures.

The customer relationship management (CRM) shares the guest, companies and prospects history by multiple properties.

Restaurant and SPA services are charged directly in the room with Monetica’s electronic card by different hotel where your guest is checked in.

Front Office

The management of any operations in the shortest possible time

The dashboard and menus are customizable by each user and information about availability, weather forecast history, notes and rates are given.

From a single screen, users can make a reservation, quotation and record turnaways in order to analyse existing demand compared it to market request.
Modulo Front Office HOTELCUBE PMS
The front office module manages a lot of capabilities, like:
  • Tableau and rack
  • Allotment
  • Booking modification (room, rate, guest number, arrangement etc…) 
  • Manual and automatic pre-allocation 
  • Rooming list can be imported from Excel 
  • Housekeeping and Maintenance
  • Meal reports 
  • Deposit, pre-payment, payment schedule 
  • Tax obligations (electronic invoice, city tax, guest reports for public security and touristic flow
  • Budget, statistic and report managers 


Rates to maximize revenue

HOTELCUBE’S revenue management provides to know booking and cancellation trend of guests and, also, to have a forecast in order to maximize revenues.

All PMS data historic can be combined in order to get complete and updated reports according to indicators of own interest. It manages segmentation, forecast and maximization processes (Bid price or nesting methods are used).

Rate management rules allow you to set notification automatic for achieving target.

The different dashboard rates show competitor’s rates, events, sales thresholds and web reviews. 

CRM and Marketing

The strategy to increase and win new customers

The centralized archives are split among guest, potential guest, companies-agencies, and prospect accounts and they allow you to create targeted, segmented campaigns, exportable to excel starting from the PMS.

With HOTELCUBE you can schedule automatic pre-stay, post-stay and birthday mailing, so you don’t forget nobody. Schedule events and meeting, task planning, store e-mail, send promotional and informative depliants.

The CRM improves customers service with importing data API by external sources and, also, it aggregates and unifies the guest data in case of duplication.

Gestionale alberghiero modulo CRM e Marketing
F&B l'app per gestione delle comande con l’app che ti permette di prendere gli ordini in modo rapido e preciso

F&B and Monetica

The efficient solution for bars, restaurants and point of sale
The POS’s management is optimized for touch devices and tablets.

Revamp the management of batches with the applications that allows you to take orders quickly and accurately. Deliver guest experiences with mobile POS functionality.

Complete the batches directly to the table and in case of charge to the room bill, let your guest sign directly by tablet device.

To eliminate the use of cash in your properties, the HOTELCUBE Monetica’s module allows you, through RF/ID cards and bracelets, to work both on credit and by debiting the account with discounts per class.

Stock Tracking Program

Quantity, costs and consumption overview

Establish the consumption of each department, both for quantity and value, providing a complete control of the central warehouses.

Manage the supplier orders, the demand goods, loading and unloading products and forecast of the needs, deadline expiry date, stock and equipment.

Gestionale alberghiero Economato Il controllo di quantità, costi e consumi

Combined with PMS module shared database you can manage the stock of goods or direct consumption, check and examine meal cost and record the load and movement of the goods by electronic barecode systems. Furthermore, it checks the needs of goods according to the menus to be made for events, like banqueting.

The ECONOMATO module includes the possibility to record supplier invoices and the deadline view.

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HOTELCUBE Mobile Suite

Bring HOTELCUBE wherever you go
HOTELCUBE Mobile Suite is the solution for the mobile management of specific, fundamental, simple and dynamic daily operations that can now also be managed from tablets and smartphones.

Discover the HOTELCUBE Dashboard mobile to manage availability, quick booking, check-in including digital signature field, messaging app, Food & Beverage app and SPA app.

For a dynamic hotel management, effective and reachable by any mobile device, entrusted to HOTELCUBE Mobile Suite.

HOTELCUBE Mobile Suite il gestionale per hotel a portata di smartphone

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