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More Integrations

12 September 2022 by Comments Off on More Integrations

HOTELCUBE is integrated with a lot of devices. Discover them below. Integrated software Oaky Scrollidea Tourist Tax Pay Tourist Monetica Prisma ADS-Doc (AD System) TYSSO BCP-8000 Orderman Sol Tastiere...

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Cash Registrer

12 September 2022 by Comments Off on Cash Registrer

Thanks to the integration with cash registrer RT with HOTELCUBE you can print receipts, courtesy invoices and no-tax vouchers, you can also print reports and to make close day....

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Payment System

12 September 2022 by Comments Off on Payment System

HOTELCUBE is integrated with both point of sale standard and virtual payment. You can make pre-authorizations, pre-payments-payments and refund, too. All transactions are certified to European PSD2 and SCA...

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CRM and Mailing

12 September 2022 by Comments Off on CRM and Mailing

You can manage marketing campaign through the sending PMS’S data. It standardizes data used by individual departmental areas. Integrated software Salesforce Mailchimp MailUp

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PBX – Switchboards

12 September 2022 by Comments Off on PBX – Switchboards

You can check outgoing calls both from rooms or areas, enable or disable the telephone through check in or out operations and also you can directly charge telephone call...

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Web Reputation

12 September 2022 by Comments Off on Web Reputation

HOTELCUBE integrates with a lot of online reputation software. It shares data increasing number of reviews and automating customer feedback requests. Integrated software ReviewPro Qualitando Customer Alliance WeForGuest AboutMyHotel

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